Am I pregnant?

November 23, 2016

Are you wondering if you’re pregnant? The most obvious sign, and the thing most people wait for, is a missed period. However, there are many changes in your body that occur before that point. Of course, the sure way to tell if you’re pregnant is through a pregnancy test. Nonetheless, you can review the following symptoms and get an idea as to whether you may be pregnant before you miss your period or take a pregnancy test.

1. Tender Breasts
Hormonal changes make your breasts more tender and achy. Your breasts may ache or feel heavier than normal.

2. Fatigue
This is often the first symptom. “Women who have never been able to nap before often suddenly start needing naps during the first trimester,” says Jeanne A. Conry, MD, PhD a practicing ob-gyn with The Permanente Medical Group in Roseville, CA.

3. Nausea
Many associate pregnancy with “morning sickness”. Many experience minor nausea several weeks before experiencing full-blown vomiting.

4. Spotting and Cramping
Although many look for a skipped period, there may be spotting or cramping in the early weeks that you could mistake as an irregular period. Cramping or a bit of blood starting a little earlier than you expect your period may be a sign that the fertilized egg is getting attached in the uterus. Even bleeding that continues to your sixth or seventh week can be normal. If bleeding exceeds this or becomes heavy, please contact your doctor.

5. Increased Urination
It is normal for women to urinate more than usual during pregnancy. This is due to normal pregnancy hormonal changes and because your kidneys must process more urine during pregnancy.

6. Food Aversions or Cravings
You may find yourself craving foods you normally don’t and disgusted by foods you typically eat. This is due to hormonal changes that affect our cravings.

If you think you are pregnant and are experiencing any of the above signs consult your doctor. If you do not have a regular doctor or would like to keep your inquiry confidential, Options Health is here to help. We provide free and confidential pregnancy tests and ultrasounds at our Clinic and Mobile Clinic. The earlier you know, the more time you have to make a plan.

Most importantly, remember you are not alone as you consider your options. Options Health exists to empower and equip you to make a choice that is best for you.

Feel free to contact us today to take advantage of our free services, including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, abortion alternative counseling and even after abortion counseling. We are here for you and ready to listen! If you think you might be pregnant make an appointment today.

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