Sexual Activity: What’s Best for You?

November 18, 2016

Have you noticed the message that the media gives you about sex? Is it true? Movies, music, and magazines tell us that sex is just a physical act, it’s no big deal, it’s without consequences, and it’s just part of dating.

The truth is that sex is more than just physical. Sex involves the whole person – it is mental, emotional, social, spiritual, AND physical. When someone gives themselves sexually to another, they are giving a part of who they are. This includes all the components of the person. The reality is that sex is a very big deal; it’s the most intimate act two people can share with one another.

In a committed relationship sex is meant to be a beautiful and positive act, one that bonds two people and brings them closer together. Outside of a committed, married relationship, it has risks and even life-long consequences! Here are some of the most obvious risks you take when you engage in sexual activity outside of marriage…
Unintended pregnancy
Sexually transmitted infections
Pressure to get an abortion if you get pregnant
A broken heart

It is important for you to know that just because you are in a dating relationship it does NOT mean that sex is mandatory or is expected of you. The decision is yours.

When you are in a dating relationship sex and love can feel like the same thing. REAL love is about commitment; a relationship that values you as a total person: heart, mind, dreams, emotions. Love is not about what you look like or what you can offer the other person.

True love is patient and willing to wait. It is wanting the best for each other and respecting each other’s decisions. When you are in a new relationship it’s important to take it slowly. Get to know the person before introducing something that can make the relationship get too serious too fast. There are so many other ways of expressing affection for one another, without putting your health and your future at risk for negative consequences.

If you have already had sex, it is never too late to stop and make a change! Remember, saving sex for marriage is the best form of prevention and the healthiest decision for your mind, body, and heart.

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