Facing an unplanned pregnancy

August 25, 2017

Let’s face it. Pregnancy wasn’t part of your plan. At least not now, and not here in this situation. You may be overwhelmed with disbelief, fear, anger, and confusion. You may be thinking, “This can’t be happening!”

You are possibly feeling alone and wondering where to go for answers. You have questions like:

  • Who do I turn to for help as I decide what to do next?
  • Who do I need to tell about this and how?
  • How far along am I in my pregnancy?
  • What can I do about people pressuring me with their opinions?
  • What are my REAL options?

You need answers. You deserve to know the FACTS regarding your options and it is vitally important to understand them BEFORE making the choice that is BEST for you.

When you find the strength, the knowledge, and the resources to make your best choice. That is when you are truly empowered.

Basically, your options fall into three main categories:

1. Abortion

At this stage in your journey, you may be thinking that taking the “morning-after pill” or having an abortion will give you the best way to “go on with your life”. First, it is important that you understand the medical process, procedures and risks so that you can make a truly informed decision. Second, be sure that you understand that abortion is a lifechanging event that can have significant physical and emotional consequences. Be sure you are fully knowledgeable so that you can make the best choice for you. Click here to learn more.

2. Parenting

Can I be a parent to this baby and still live my life?

How could I possibly successfully parent this child?

Though parenting may feel scary there are many stories that have happy endings. There are thousands of family and community services that are available for you that would aid you in parenting your child successfully. It is so helpful to make connections with others who have the necessary resources to make a real difference in your decision to parent.

3. Adoption

Adoption is usually not thought of as a first choice when facing an unplanned pregnancy. According to research, “pregnant teens and women who have made adoption plans are more likely to finish school, have better jobs and overall report a higher level of satisfaction with their decision for adoption.” Many women are also encouraged to learn that you may be able to select the parents who would raise your child and that you may be able to have some level of ongoing relationship with your child, if you wish.

Options Health is a safe place where you can confidentially come and discuss sexual health, pregnancy, and relationship issues with one of our client advocates.  Feel free to contact us today to take advantage of our free services, including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, abortion consultation, options counseling, and even after abortion counseling.  We are here for you and ready to listen!


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(Written by Linda Gaede March 2017)