Helping a friend through a teen pregnancy

May 8, 2019

Finding out your friend is pregnant can come with a mix of emotions.  You may feel shocked, sad, confused, or concerned for your friend. These are normal emotions to experience around the news of your friend’s teen pregnancy. If YOU are feeling these things, imagine what she must be feeling!  It is times like these that true friendship gets tested. Your friend is going to need you now more than ever, and a good friend is the greatest gift they can receive during this frightening time.  So how can you help?

She needs compassion.

Being a good friend to someone that is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy means offering all the compassion you can give.  Your friend needs someone that is understanding and can express empathy during hard times. They will likely have many people coming against them for getting pregnant so young. They may even lose friends and family which can make them feel alone and wondering who they can turn to for support.  Being compassionate will help her feel supported and loved during a time that can feel overwhelming and scary.

What does compassion look like? Compassion means stepping into her shoes and trying to understand how difficult it is to be pregnant at a young age.  Compassion means being willing to listen to all that is going on inside her without judgment or the need to fix her situation. Compassion is reminding her that she is not alone and that you will be her friend no matter what.

She needs support.

During a teen pregnancy, the pregnant mother will need all the support she can get.  This is especially true if she does not have the support of her family or other friends.  Support can come in many different forms. As a friend, one of the best kinds of support you can offer is emotional support in the form of encouragement.  A little encouragement can go a long way, helping her to stay positive and hopeful around her pregnancy. Just being there for her is a powerful way for you to support your friend. If she needs more support than you can offer, you can help her find resources in the community.  Many communities have a pregnancy care center or other support services to help her create a plan for her pregnancy and beyond.

The journey of pregnancy can be one filled with many ups and downs. It can feel like a long, and sometimes lonely, process but knowing she has a shoulder to lean on and someone who will be there throughout the whole pregnancy can provide peace of mind, comfort, and hope.

If you or a friend may be facing an unplanned pregnancy, Options Health has the resources to help you through the process including a FREE and confidential medical grade pregnancy test and an ultrasound to confirm the viability of your pregnancy if your test is positive.

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