Balancing Baby

March 22, 2022

You’ve had your baby. You might have prepared for this moment by attending birthing classes or by watching videos. But, nothing could have ever prepared you for the moment when they handed you your baby.

Much of your work will now be caring for your newest family member. But, you will also need to take care of yourself. Healing after childbirth takes time and involves your body, mind, and soul; and balancing all of that is key.

One wise physician once said, “It takes nine months to make a baby, and it will take at least that for your body to return to normal.”

First Steps
You just went through an intense physical and emotional experience, and you will feel many different emotions afterward. Many moms have a desire to get on their feet and move around after having their babies. As soon as you can, walking is a great idea because walking speeds up the healing process.

Your body begins to spring back after having your baby. While you were pregnant, your bones and ligaments softened to prepare for birth. Afterward, your progesterone levels drop back to normal, and your body may ache as you recover. There are other factors involved with childbirth that may cause you discomfort until the healing process is complete. You should have a doctor’s checkup 4 to 6 weeks after delivery. You can discuss any concerns you may have at that time.

Coming home with your baby can be a stressful time for moms. Caring for your baby and understanding their needs is both rewarding but can also be frustrating. You may feel many emotions. Within 3 days, over 70 percent of new moms experience mood swings and mild depression. This is called the “baby blues.” It is completely normal and will eventually go away after you settle in and begin to get more rest.
If your blues last longer than a few weeks and become worse, make sure you call your doctor and ask family
members or friends for help.

Balance Is Key
Balance is that peaceful feeling we have when the important things in our lives are given
the right amount of time and attention. Everything suffers when we don’t keep a good balance. Balance is key to managing work and home, and it keeps us content. It also sets a great example for our kids. But balance doesn’t just happen on its own. We MUST be purposeful about it by managing our expectations and setting priorities.

Managing Expectations
Although it is important for your house to be clean, it is also important to bond with your new baby. The quiet time you spend with your baby helps them to feel loved and protected. At this early age, touching, holding, and talking to them is very important for both of you. You will learn to understand their needs, and they will learn to understand their environment through you. You can never spoil them by holding them too much or by spending too much time with them. So, remember to keep in mind the season of life that you are in and give yourself some grace if the laundry has piled up or the sink is full of dishes.

Setting Priorities
Priorities will be different for every new mom because everyone’s circumstances are different, but here is a list of 10 tips to make sure you are prioritizing not just for yourself, but also for your new baby. Your baby will develop in the most wonderful ways when you are content and confident in yourself and motherhood.

  • Eat Well. Good nutrition keeps your energy up and boosts your mood. Drink a lot of water and get plenty of protein, iron, and omega-3s; and go easy on the sugar. That’s especially important if you’re breastfeeding and your body needs extra fuel.
  • Stay Active.  Getting regular exercise boosts your mood, keeps you healthy, gives you more energy and better sleep, and helps you manage your weight — everything a new parent needs.
  • Guard Your Sleep.  It’s hard to come by in the first few months, so grab it whenever you can. Resist the urge to jump on chores when your baby falls asleep. Instead, catch a nap yourself, or just rest.
  • Stay Connected.  If your partner is in the picture, take time to focus on each other and keep your family’s foundation strong.  If they are not in the picture, make sure to stay connected with family and friends consistently.
  • Let Others Help.  Speaking of family and friends, these are the people that care about you and want to be helpful, and you’ll return the favor when it’s their turn. Now is not the time for independence. When someone offers, be specific about what you need.
  • Find Some Me Time.  Forget the notion that it’s selfish to take time for yourself. It’s important for your mental health. Spend some time every day doing something you enjoy.
  • Spend Time Outdoors.  You might be surprised by how much fresh air and sunshine can lift your mood. Strap your baby into a stroller or carrier and head to the great outdoors.
  • Refresh Your Spirit.  What brings you peace? Take time to find it every day, whether it’s meditation, prayer, or quiet reflection.
  • Know When To Say “No”.  Everyone wants to see the new baby, but your rest and recovery come first. If it’s not a good time for a visit, say so.
  • Be Flexible.  If you had a picture in your mind of how parenthood would be, you probably know by now that it’s not exactly as you expected. Let go of your expectations and go with the flow. Savor the special moments and know that life won’t always be this crazy.


At Options Health, we have a wonderful program to help you as you navigate this new thing called motherhood and parenting. Earn While You Learn (EWYL) is a free program that provides education, emotional support, and material resources to expectant mothers through the toddler years of their baby’s life. Once enrolled in EWYL, you will be connected with a mentor to guide you through an amazing curriculum of parenting classes where you earn credits to be spent in our Care Closet; where you can get diapers, wipes, baby clothes, baby furniture, and more!

Is the father of the baby involved? If so, we have an awesome program for him too! FIT (Fathers In Training) is a free program that will challenge him to be the best father he can be by walking alongside him through our skill-building classes and mentorship.

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So, a new life begins for you and your new family. You need to spend your energy not only caring for your new baby but also healing and taking good care of yourself. Stay balanced, enjoy the journey, and remember that Options Health is here for you!